Frequently Asked Questions


I have heard you ship sample suits how does this work?

To receive a sample suit a deposit of $150 (plus shipping) is required, once payment is received we can send you a sample suit to try on.. Please take pictures of yourself in the suit (front & back) and email them to us. You can describe to us what you like or would like to have changed, also one of our experienced designers can give you suggestions on what they think would flatter your body the most (you may also want to show the photos to your trainer for his/her opinion). Every suit is made one at a time in our shop so altering the design/pattern in anyway is not a problem. For instance... you may love the way the front of the bottom fits but would prefer the back to have 1/2" less coverage on your cheeks, we can make that change when your custom suit is created. At this time there is no additional charge for having the design customized. 

How are the suit prices determined?

The suits start at $140 and the price goes up depending on what hardware or rhinestones you add. 

The hardware options are shown on the website... the price is PER PIECE so if you choose a hip/neck piece it will be multiplied by two. 

Rhinestones are charged by the stone, stones range $0.25-$5.00 depending on size/shape/color. (the most common stones used for bikini are $0.25-$0.35 each) (the most common stones used on figure suits are $0.25-$0.65) 

All fabric is the same price and does not add to the cost of the suit EXCEPT sequin fabrics which add $10/suit. Also piping (trim along the edges) is an option for $10/suit. We suggest piping for sequin fabrics (because without it they can be scratchy) OR for a two-tone (two-fabric) design, otherwise it isn't necessary unless you just prefer the piped look. 

All non-moulded tops size D and smaller come with a pocket and one layer of padding. An additional layer of padding can be added for $5.00  *Our new "Hera" top comes standard as a moulded cup. We are happy to add a pocket to any size Hera top at no charge however we will need to know you would like the pocket BEFORE your suit is sewn. 

*New 2014 - We have recently started carrying gel inserts. They come in two sizes "Breast Enhancers" $20.00 & "Large Breast Enhancers" $25 These can be used in any style top but we strongly recommend them in the "Hera" style. When used in the "Skylla" style they can weigh down the top (creating almost a "saggy" look) but in the "Hera" they look amazing!! 

*Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We are happy to ship anywhere! For an accurate price quote please email us your address.  Generally: 6-10day shipping is $20-$25 3-5 day shipping $30-40  

*Are there additional fees for having a suit custom made? 

No. At this time we do not add extra costs for custom suits. Unlike many other companies we do not charge for pockets in tops, cups/padding, hooks, etc.  Also, all of our suits are made one at a time in our shop in Jupiter, FL so customizing sizes, patterns, fabric, etc is not a problem!

*I am an "A cup" but your sizes start at a "B cup", do you make a smaller size? 

Our size "B banded" top works great for a small bust! We can add 2 layers of padding to your top or you can easily add your own gel inserts or even polyfill. *Or try our Small or X-Small "Hera" style with gel inserts.

*Why are there safety pins?

BIKINI: For fitting purposes your sample bottoms will come with safety pins on the hips... this is to allow you to adjust the hips so they are not too tight or too loose. If the bottoms are too tight the connectors will be "digging in" on your hips. If the bottoms are pinned too loose you will have gaping or wrinkles in the fabric front &/or back. When your custom/final suit is made we can 1. sew the hip straps based on how you pinned the sample, 2. use our standard GUESS for your suit size, or 3. leave them safety pinned so you can have them custom fit locally right before your show... We will need to know before we ship your suit which option you prefer.

FIGURE: The neck and backstraps on figure samples are held with safety pins to allow you to make adjustments while trying them on. Straps too tight can cause the suit to pull or "dig into" the skin, straps too loose will not allow for lift (at the neck) or for your top to "fall out" (rib strap). When we ship your finished figure suit the straps will also be held with safety pins. Everyone is different and we can not know exactly how tight or loose YOU will prefer your straps. We suggest having your straps sewn locally the week of your show. HOWEVER IF you would like us to GUESS how tight to sew your straps we are happy to do so (at no cost). We will not be held accountable if the tightness is not exactly how you would like it as we are sewing them out of courtesy and again GUESSING on the tightness. 

*How long does it take to have a suit made? 

Production time for orders is 2-4 weeks depending on order volume. 

(from the day you make your FINAL design decision about your suit until it is sewn and ready to be tried on (in shop)/put in the mail(out of state orders) is 2-4 weeks) Be sure to consider how far before your show you would like to receive your suit and also add mailing time. If you would like to receive swatches or try on a sample suit add that time into your planning as well. We find it ideal to contact a "Sewn in the Sun" designer 8 weeks before your show and have all design decisions made/"set in stone" 6weeks prior to show date).

You may have your suit faster for a rush fee. 

Rush fee for 1 week production time is $100, 2-3 days $200

*What is your return policy?  


1.) Items ordered directly from www.sewninthesun.com- Can be exchanged for a different size, color/fabric. Intent to return product MUST be told to Sewn in the Sun within 3 days of receiving suit & arrive back to Sewn in the Sun within 5 business days of notification. Replacement suit will be mailed back to you within 3 business days.

2.) Suits ordered via email- We are more than happy to 1. send fabric swatches, 2. send sample suits to try on, and 3. have a one-on-one assessment of fit/sizing with a designer (please send photos of yourself in the sample suit). To ensure best suit decision PLEASE allow time for this process. Suits ordered via email are non-refundable, but if they do not fit perfectly we will be happy to make necessary alterations once we see a photo of what needs to be changed.

3.) In Store Purchases- Deposit is non-refundable (to compensate for time spent with fitting appointment & the possibility of the suit already having been cut/sewn). If you cancel an order after leaving your first fitting your deposit will be forfeited but you will not be responsible for remaining balance. Deposit will also be forfeited if you fail to pick up your suit within 3 months(unless prior arrangements are made). 

Once a custom made suit leaves the store the sale is final. 

"Ready-Made" items can be exchanged/store credit within 3 days with a 5% restocking fee. (item must be clean, unworn, and resalable). 

Each suit cost includes up to 1 hour of appointment time. 

(which is ideally split into a 45min design appointment and 15 min final fitting)   (time exceeding 1hour per suit is charged at a rate of $30 per 1/2hour)   (costume fittings may vary)

Do you offer group order/multiple suit discounts?

No. Sorry. We greatly appreciate every client and every suit purchase equally. We would prefer to charge prices we consider fair to EVERYONE verses raising our prices just to end up discounting them for "special" clients.

Updated:  2/10/14