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Bottom Sizing:
X-Small: up to 5'3" up to 115lbs
Small: 5'4" - 5'7"  116lbs - 128lbs
Medium: over 5'8" 128lbs - 135lbs

*Custom sizing, patterns and designs available upon request.

Juno Corda 

Juno Corda Piped

Juno Full Side Piped

Iris Corda

Iris Corda Piped

Iris Full Side

Iris Full Side Piped

Lara Corda

Lara Corda Piped

Lara Full Side

Lara Full Side Piped

Top Sizing:
B Cup: Works great for AA-small B cup. For AA or A chest ask for double padding.
B+ Cup: Ideal for full B chest or small B with double padding.
C Cup:  Great for natural or enhanced C cup.
C+ Cup: Perfect for full C, small D or full D (showing some skin)!
D Cup: Best fit for full D or DD (showing some skin)! 

*Custom sizing, patterns and designs available upon request.


Skylla Banded

Skylla Piped 

Skylla Piped & Banded


Kiha Piped

Kiha Piped & Banded

Laka Piped & Banded


Anahita Cinch Piped

Anahita Glam Piped

Selene Banded